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Slight Correction: QDS v9.4




New Products Supported + Improved Video & Control
Correction on “Q-SYS Video section”: QDS v9.4 allows you to display realtime Q-SYS Mediacast streams from Q-SYS cameras only onto Q-SYS TSC Series G3 touch screens and UCI Viewer. We apologize for the error.
Several New Products Now Supported

Begin to add new products into your upcoming Q-SYS design now.
Q-SYS Bundle Scaling Licenses

Scale targeted feature sets to better accommodate needs of specific applications and use cases with the Q-SYS Collaboration Bundle scaling license and Q-SYS Commercial AV Bundle scaling license.
Q-SYS Video

Improved Live Preview Quality (up to 30 fps): Display realtime Q-SYS Mediacast streams from Q-SYS cameras on Q-SYS TSC Series G3 touch screens and UCI Viewer.
Adjust TTL Controls from Video Streams in Core Manager
Improved image quality for NC Series
Improved AV Bridging Auto Privacy
Q-SYS Control

New CSS Render Styles: More sophisticated customization of UCI controls, including individual styling of each element for more complex controls.
New Multi-State Trigger Control Type: More advanced buttons change their appearance and functionality based on programmatic state of control.
Runtime SVG generation: New LUA library to draw runtime SVG graphics and display on Q-SYS touch screen controllers.
Important Notice for the Core 110f
For installations utilizing the Core 110f’s on-board AV USB bridge, the cable infrastructure between the Core 110f USB device port (Type B) and the PC’s host port (Type A) must be USB 3.0 compatible in order to take advantage of the improved camera imaging and USB video bridging performance. If you choose to use USB 2.0 infrastructure after updating to v9.3.0, bridging performance will be limited to 540p.
Download Q-SYS Designer Software v9.4
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