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QSC Saturday Sessions – Baz King




TouchMix Sessions – Baz King
We hope are able to set aside a little time to enjoy our latest TouchMix Sessions video with Baz King performing his song, “My Little Girl” live from Manhattan Beach, CA. The audio was multi-track recorded to a USB hard drive using the TouchMix-16 digital mixer, powered by a DC to AC inverter connected to the cigarette lighter of Scott’s (Blowhole Productions) car. Enjoy!

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alt_textMake your own recordings on TouchMix

It just doesn’t get any easier to capture a live, multi-track performance. TouchMix mixers are capable of recording all inputs plus a stereo mix directly to an external USB drive – no computer required. Tracks are created in 32-bit Broadcast Wave format and can be played back and mixed down on the mixer or imported into Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software for over-dubs and post production. Check out our series of training videos to start recording today.

TouchMix Training Series
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Live Sound Lessons (in 1 Minute)

Do you have a live sound question? Got a minute? We recently created a series of short videos that address and answer frequently asked questions about live sound. We hope these videos deliver quick and useful information to help you expand your knowledge.

Featured this week:
How to adjust and set the input gain on your mixer
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Live Sound Lesson Playlist on YouTube
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