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distribution conditioning control
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AC Power Control
Power Sequencing
CQ Series
These products are designed to be super easy to install and operate. Sequencers can networked by connecting multiple units with control lines using RJ45 cable (like Ethernet). Once connected, they will turn on and off in the correct order, plug-and-play. No settings or programing are required.
There are nine sequencers in the CQ Series, plus seven accessory “triggers” in the RC Series. Below are links to some of the more popular models. Made in America.
RX Series surge protection is available on the CQ 1515-RX and CQ 1520-RX.
CQ Series Connection Examples
CQ 1515 at front of house triggers CQ 2200 in amp rack.
RC5-RM with key switch
triggers CQ 2200
CQ 1520 at front of house triggers
CQ PD1-4 with four separate circuits
RC5-RM triggers first CQ 1520 which triggers second CQ 1520
New Product Spotlight
CQ 5
Convenience is Key
This new model in the CQ Series requires no rack mount or hardwired power connection. It networks with other CQ devices and/or one of the RC Series triggers with a simple plug and play cable attachment. CQ 5 has a fifteen amp power rating.
Web Based Power Control
iP Series
This product group fits installations requiring a) individual outlet control, b) more sophisticated programming or c) remote control from greater distances.
Each iP Series model has built in web pages for user setup and AC outlet control. All models can be managed with text commands over Ethernet or AV control platforms. Some models feature current monitoring and serial communication.
The iP1515-RX, iP1520-RX and iP50-RX are available with optional RX Series surge protection with a maximum 500 millivolt ground line surge let through.
Click below for information on individual models. Made in America.
iP Series Compatibility
Juice Goose iP Series products can be controlled using most available AV control platforms, including:
Intelligent Battery Backup
SCV Series
RS232 communication is standard. An optional Ethernet card is available. Two banks of power outlets can be turned on and off together. Or one bank can be controlled by itself – providing power continuity and control. Power only goes off when you want it to.
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