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Custom Vertical Power Distribution
Custom Assembled
PD Series power strips contain one to twelve (or more) individual twenty or thirty amp circuits, custom assembled for particular in-rack power requirements. Arrangement of the circuits is specified by the AV integrator.
Thirty Year Experience
Juice Goose created this product category in the early 1990s. Today we service a large number of major AV integrators with power distribution for sports arenas, entertainment venues, universities, museums and theme parks.
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PD Series Models
The PD Series is composed of four basic, prefabricated chassis. Certain features such as external power cords and how the wiring connects the receptacles are determined by the AV integrator.
PD1A has twelve duplex positions.
PD1B has six duplex positions.
PD3 has fourteen receptacle positions for either duplex or twist-lock connectors, 20 amp or 30 amp.
PD3B has the same features as the PD3, only with six receptacle positions.
Design Documents
Juice Goose can work from any legible design documents that contain the required elements of the PD power strip specifications. Such documents can be a) existing rack build diagrams, b) AV integrator’s preferred template or c) the Juice Goose PD Series feature menu template.
AV Integrator’s Rack Build Diagram
Juice Goose PD Series Feature Menu
Product Cost Quotation and Lead Time
Using the specifications for the PD power strip, Juice Goose will compose and transmit a written quote, usually within one business day. Or, the AV integrator can calculate the cost of most commonly specified power strips using the Juice Goose Dealer Price Sheet and the PD Series Feature Menu.
Lead time for a small number of common PDs is usually a few days. Production for large orders can usually begin within a few days and may take a week or two for completion.
Service and Performance
Service and performance are significant components in the value of the custom PD Series product group. Success requires
  • ease of ordering
  • accuracy of the final product
  • speed of delivery
  • adaptation to particular installation requirements.
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