Technical Services Division

Whether you’re an AV integrator or end user, it helps to have a colossally competent and nimble technical partner. From control system and audio DSP programming to system-wide commissioning and event support services performed at the wholesale level, we create tight, effective audio and control programs with clean and understandable touchscreen menus. We do it for clients ranging from Fortune 10 companies to local school districts. We do it remotely or onsite. And we always, always try do it right.

Our Services

  • Planning

    Our team partners with you to define project scope, deliverables and system recommendations.

  • Software Development

    Rather than adjusting your process, we'll work with you to develop custom software solutions that fit your business. Our goal is to provide you with a custom software solution that streamlines your workflow.

  • Design Engineering

    By augmenting your internal design engineering team, we can provide independent design and engineering services customized for you and your clients.

  • Programming

    We're experts in developing, configuring, maintaining, supporting, and optimizing audiovisual hardware, software, software and communication links.

  • Commissioning

    Our team offers niche commissioning services to test, troubleshoot and verify your AV systems perform and operate as designed.

  • Training

    The FarmAssist team provides regional outsourced training, certified and focused on the brands we represent, to clients across the Northwest and beyond.