About us

Full disclosure: Most of us aren’t actual tillers of soil and planters of crops. We know how to grow our clients’ businesses, help you tackle AV challenges, and equip you to take full advantage of today’s communication technology. Take a moment to get to know us, then let’s talk about how to sow the seeds of our knowledge.

John Hood

CEO - Founder

Factoid: Has Alexa enabled chicken coop
Experience: This Company since 1994

Tom Mattley


Factoid: Used to own a tanning salon
Experience: Customer Service Manager, Fortune 100 company, Integrator Owner

David Lawrence

Vice President of Sales

Factoid: He is a twin (not the good one)
Experience: Sales Management-Distributor, Sales Management Manufacturer

Andrew Stanley

Vice President of Integration Services

Factoid: Owns a Flowbee
Experience: AV Consultant, Design Engineer, Integrator Owner

Dana Moody

Event Coordinator, Customer Service

Factoid: People have been in fist fights over her baking
Experience: Rep Principal, Baker

George Astin

Account Executive

Factoid: Serious hot-sauce collector
Experience: Buyer-Retail, Rep

Aaron Hood

Farm Assist Field Engineer

Factoid: Was known as “Fractal” in HS football
Experience: Guitar Center, Physics Degree UNR

Chris Wehba

Account Executive

Factoid: Rejected by his VW Tiguan
Experience: Recording Engineer, Rep

Jacob Maxwell

Farm Assist Field Engineer

Factoid: Professional Chicken Fryer
Experience: Nightclub Sound Engineer

Kim Naves

Account Executive

Factoid: Gave the Boss an autographed DEVO CD.
Experience: Music Editor, Business Owner

Robin Carrillo

Customer Service Manager

Factoid: Not a big fan of freeway overpasses.
Experience: Customer Service Manager-Factory, Rep Firm.

George Seruset

Farm Assist Field Engineer

Factoid: Has a very fancy degree
Experience: Multi Media Editor

Skip Godwin

Account Executive

Factoid: Really really tall
Experience: Rep Principal, Factory Sales Manager

Rebecca Hicks

Farm Assist Field Engineer

Factoid: Likes NASCAR
Experience: Nightclub Soundwoman, Sociologist

Johnny Tieman

Farm Assist Field Engineer

Factoid: Plays and 8 string guitar.
Experience: Telecom Draftsman-Engineer

Jesse Richmond

Farm Assist Field Engineer

Factoid: Loves The Farm
Experience: Manager AV & Broadcast Levi Stadium.